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Dear Tweetdeck…I love you, and we had a great relationship for awhile there, but I think we might be close to our official breakup…

Almost since I opened my Twitter account, I’ve been one of the now 20% of users Tweeting via Tweetdeck. It’s been my Twitter BFF on both my computer and my phone and I never thought I’d want to live without it.

A few weeks ago however, the app stopped working on my desktop. Panic! While the desktop app and I weren’t getting along, I turned to the Chrome interface. (Nice features there, but not quite all of the bells and whistles that the desktop app offers.) And, during this time, I tried to communicate with @Tweetdeck about the issues in our relationship. But…I got the silent treatment. (Really, it’s probably me, not the app, because I’ve asked around and no one else seems to be having issues.)

Then, things got a little worse. The Chrome app started acting wonky on me. (Again, could totally be me as I was running Chrome simultaneously with another Browser – yeah, I’ve been playing the field a lot. Don’t judge.) I pleaded with @Tweetdeck to help me understand what I had done to make it so angry with me, but again…silence.

I later realized I should have been addressing my concerns to @DesktopDeck, who did respond with a solution. Ah ha! We were back on track…but not for long. Once I restarted the app for the first time, I was back to the same issues.

During this struggle, I found a supportive shoulder to cry on. Turns out, @Seesmic was listening. Relluctantly, I downloaded the desktop app and immediately had a few technical issues. (Like, I was using an older version and not Desktop 2. Have I mentioned most of this is probably me?) Immediately, though, @Seesmic walked me though. They even took the conversation to a more intimate level of email where I continued to ask and receive answers to several questions that I probably could have figured out eventually, but hey, this was so much nicer.

Now, I’ve been “seeing” Seesmic exclusively, while Tweetdeck still rests peacefully in my applications folder. I’m a creature of habit, and there are many days when I stare longingly at that black bird icon (for those of you who know about my Ornithophobia, that says a lot) and wonder if there is any hope for our relationship. I am holding out for an upgrade or for my computer to rid itself of the glitch that is making it impossible for it to run smoothly.

The point of this post is not to bash Tweetdeck (because really, I’m making it quite apparent that I love the app and am still using the iPhone version) but more to give props to Seesmic, an app that I ignored while in my previous long-term relationship. These third-party apps are free for us to use, yet, we have such high expectations of their performance. I am impressed with the customer service and warm welcome I received from the Seesmic team and think this could be the start of a very beautiful friendship.

  1. What does it say about me that I use exclusively from my desktop?

    (I do use the official iPad app, but it sort of forces you to. And it is quite nice…)

    • I honestly don’t know what I’d do without a column view of some sort. It’s my slot machine of attention (via Brian Solis) and I love it for searches, engagement, etc. Now, having said that, I could also see that if I had gotten terribly used to the web version before moving to Tweetdeck, maybe I’d feel differently.

      I am not sure what native use means for you, personally…you are a purist? An original?

      Always such a pleasure to have you stop by. Thank you.

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