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Helping people connect and communicate more effectively for more than thirty years.

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As a solopreneur since 2001 I’ve had to step in wherever needed for my clients, making me an unflappable and creative problem solver in all areas of strategic marketing and communication, including social media strategy and management and content generation.


Struggling to understand the ever-shifting digital landscape? With more than two decades of public speaking and writing experience I'm happy to help explain complex concepts clearly, concisely, and with a dose of humor!


Having a hard time maintaining personal boundaries with technology, or working in a company that struggles with lost productivity due to digital distractions? I'm a certified Digital Wellness Educator and can help you find a better balance. 

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In our information-saturated, always online world it's more challenging than ever to maintain healthy relationship with digital technology, (a problem made even worse by the Covid pandemic.)

Even the most focused, goal-oriented person can become distracted by our devices which offer us continuous, never-ending comfort, escapism, news, entertainment, and socializing.

When we use this technology without clear intentions or boundaries, over time small digital habits can grow into big problems, creating rifts in our relationships, health issues, loss of productivity, and even addiction.

Digital wellness is how we find more balance.

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