Hi. I'm Jen.

I've been helping people connect and communicate more effectively  for more than two decades.

Currently, the focus of my work is on helping people find more digital wellness in their lives, using technology more effectively so it doesn't use YOU.

Yes, I know. "Digital Wellness" is kind of a goofy term, (I didn't invent it.) But it's a real thing, an IMPORTANT thing. 

It's something you may have been looking for without even knowing there was a name for it. 

 If your current relationship with digital technology fills you up, but also sometimes drains you entirely...

If you're always busy but seldom feel like you're really getting anything done...

If you feel like your life is very full but also a bit empty...

... I can help.

What exactly is digital wellness?

In our information-saturated, always online world it's more challenging than ever to maintain healthy relationship with digital technology, (a problem made even worse by the Covid pandemic.)

Even the most focused, goal-oriented person can become distracted by our devices which offer us continuous, never-ending comfort, escapism, news, entertainment, and socializing.

When we use this technology without clear intentions or boundaries, over time small digital habits can grow into big problems, creating rifts in our relationships, health issues, loss of productivity, and even addiction.

Digital wellness is how we find more balance.

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Is tech a problem in your life?

Take my free digital wellness quiz to learn how digital technology is currently impacting your life. (If you find it's less than positive, know that you're not alone!) 

So now what?

If you're wondering how to find more digital wellness, I've got you covered...

I can help you integrate digital wellness into your existing initiatives, resulting in a healthier, more productive, and more profitable business. Visit the consulting page.

Are you an individual?

I can provide you with the tools you need to address the wellness problems in your life, and coach you on making lasting changes that create more peace and less noise. Visit the coaching page.

Are you an organization?

I have more than 20 years of public speaking and teaching experience. I can tailor a talk, workshop, or class, write an article, or speak on a podcast for your audience. Visit the education page.

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