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I’ve been running my own strategic marketing and communications consultancy since 2001.

The only constant during that time has been change... especially when it comes to digital spaces.

Working in such a fast-paced, ever-evolving field has required constant learning, skill development, and business transformation. (The stuff I specialize in today wasn't even invented when I started my career!)

Today, my consulting offerings look like this... 

I love Jen Kane's smarts and her ability to cut to the CORE of what's going on."

-attendee at speaking event.

Consulting Areas

Marketing and Communications

Strategic marketing and communications with experience working with B2B/B2C companies, non-profits, higher-ed institutions, agencies, and professional associations. Focus areas include:  digital marketing, digital communications, event planning/marketing, email marketing, brand management marketing, content marketing (see below) and social media marketing (see below).

Social Media

All aspects of social media from developing strategic plans, to creating content calendars and generating assets and assessing campaign effectiveness. (Also a skilled social media public speaker and trainer/webinar instructor.) Focus areas include:  event, product or campaign development/launches, content creation, community management training, monitoring and measuring ROI. 

Content Strategy and Development

The creation of content marketing plans and the development and distribution of any short or long-form content recommended, such as blogs, newsletters, white papers, social media posts, emails, press releases, or online newsrooms. Focus areas include:  establishing and standardizing brand voice between all materials, keyword optimization, repurposing content, and increasing reach/shareability.

Digital Wellness

Support for companies struggling with lost productivity due to employees' digital distractions. Focus areas include employee education about digital wellness inside and outside of the office, incorporating digital wellness strategies into company wellness initiatives, and training for management teams. (See below for more details.)

NEW: Digital Wellness Consulting Services

With your business objectives in mind, I can support you in developing and implementing digital wellness plans and policies that both improve your bottom line and your employee’s social, emotional, and physical health.

This may include...

  • Training teams in my new eight-week course, The Digital Wellness Reboot. (See below!)
  • Educating employees on the basics of digital wellness and how it affects their personal and professional lives.
  • Recommending tools to carve out distraction-free time for employees to increase productivity.
  • Supporting the development and implementation of company digital wellness plans, policies, and portals.
  • Consulting on ways to improve communications and productivity between onsite and virtual employees

Did you know?

3 min

The average length of time an American is able to work without an interruption. 

23 minutes

The amount of time it takes workers to refocus after they've been interrupted.


The number of times workers touch their phones in a 24-hour period


Amount of the work day spent on low quality multitasking.

Ready for a total reboot?

ASk About MY transformational eight-week program for employees and leaders!

Eight Instructional Packets

My digital wellness reboot course is an eight week self-guided course to reboot your employees' relationship with technology, improving daily tech habits and making space for focus and flow. 

In Person Workshops

Each week includes an hour-long, in-person workshop to discuss the week's theme and field questions. This enables your team to work on the course as a group, sharing insights, struggles, and successes. 

24 Hands-On Exercises

Each week's packet includes four exercises proven to affect personal and professional change. 

Cutting-Edge Research

The reboot program is rooted in the latest, (and ever-changing) research on how technology use affects our professional and personal lives.