18 Mar Do You Have Screen Apnea?

Stop. Check in with your body right now… Is your chest inflated or tense/tight? Are your teeth clenched? Jaw tight? Are you holding your breath? If you just took a breath, was it only a small sip of air? If so, you’re currently ...

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23 Feb How to Stop Being “Phubbed”

Phubbing may be a silly word, but it’s a very real problem many of us have experienced. In basic terms, phubbing is when someone ignores the live human(s) in front of them to instead pay attention to their phone (or other mobile ...

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30 Dec My Best Books Picks for 2020

I read 102 books in 2020. The best of the lot are summarized below and my Goodreads reviews for each can be found here. To be clear, not all of these books came out in 2020. Some are older and some, (like my Netgalley ...

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