I’m an accomplished national presenter and keynote speaker with more than two decades of public speaking, teaching and training experience in addition to guest appearances on podcasts, videos, and webinars. Additionally I’ve been featured in Minnesota Business, Twin Cities Business, WCCO TV, KSTP TVMetro Magazine, The Line, Finance and Commerce and Minnesota Meetings and Events.

More information about my speaking background for business events is included on my consulting site. If you’re interested in having me speak on chronic pain, check out the topics below.

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My presentations for Chronic Pain Recovery, target four key audience groups…

People in Pain

This presentation gives an overview of the book. What are the most important factors to consider in starting a pain recovery program? How do you get started and stay motivated? What are some common challenges people face and quick tips for overcoming them? Due to the physical limitations of this audience, this presentation runs one hour or less and can be delivered in a video format as well as live.

Complementary Service Providers

This presentation is for people/companies who provide complementary health care services, such as massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, etc. It addresses ways to better understand and serve people in pain by providing them with the affordable and accessible tools they need to survive and ultimately thrive.

Medical Providers

This presentation is for medical service providers who want to better understand the needs of people in pain. In it, I address ways to work with patients to develop holistic recovery plans that address the biological, psychological and sociological components of pain. I’ll also explore how to better communicate with people in pain so you can give them the information they need without leaving them feeling abandoned or confused.


This presentation is for companies who want to proactively support their employees’ attempts to address and resolve issues with chronic pain–an epidemic in the United States that, according to the Institute of Medicine, contributed to between $297.4 billion to 335.5 billion in lost productivity in 2010 alone.

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