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What exactly is digital wellness?

Digital wellness is an emerging field that uses insights from the fields of psychology and technology to examine how technology impacts our physical and mental health, career, relationships, communication, safety, and societal cohesion.

It's based on the premise that technology is neither good nor bad. It's a TOOL, one that should work in service to you and your needs and goals. 

Problem is, many of us don't pick up our screens with our needs and goals at the forefront of our mind. The result is our time gets hijacked by more tools, more noise, and more shiny new toys to play with. 

For many, this has caused negative affects like tech addictions, damaged relationships, a loss of productivity, and less overall joy. Professor Earl Miller from MIT calls our current usage, "a perfect storm of cognitive degradation”.

Digital wellness can bring that back into balance. 

Digital wellness encompasses the following eight area of our lives...

  • Physical wellness: how to use digital tools to improve your physical health AND how to prevent tools from creating new physical concerns. 
  • Emotional wellness: how to use digital tools to improve your mental health AND how to remove tools from your life that degrade it. 
  • Social wellness: how to use digital tools to improve your relationships AND how to change habits that may negatively affect those relationships
  • Financial wellness: how to use digital tools to improve your financial security AND how to prevent cyber crime, hacking, etc. 

  • Environmental wellness: how to use digital tools to improve the spaces in which you live and work AND how to prevent tech from harming those spaces (like e-waste.)
  • Occupational wellness: how to use digital tools to improve your career AND how to to eliminate distractions that may negatively impact that career.
  • Intellectual wellness: how to use digital tools to increase your intelligence AND balance that out with the time you use tech for escapism. 
  • Spiritual wellness: how to use digital tools to feed your soul  AND how to remove resources that drain it.

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