An overview of my recent work.

Chronic Pain Recovery

My most recent book examines an all-too-common obstacle to physical wellness, chronic pain—a condition that affects 20% of American adults, (more than 50 million people) myself included.

Chronic Pain Recovery: A Practical Guide to Putting Your Life Back Together After Everything Has Fallen Apart is a practical, empowering, action-oriented guidebook that includes a customizable toolkit for managing daily recovery progress.

This book has no medical jargon and no agendas. Just page after page of accessible and affordable ideas for recovery that have worked for people in pain, incorporating more than five years of research, testing, and experimentation.

Social Media Etiquette

An important aspect of digital wellness is digital etiquette—building an authentic online presence that shows you in your best light, versus one ridden with embarrassing gaffes that could potentially end your career or company.

In the book, Social Media Etiquette: 100 Ways to Communicate With Grace and Class, I focus specifically on the etiquette for effectively using social media to support or promote your personal brand, (or the brand you manage on behalf of your company or employer.) 

This book covers the basics of social media etiquette for working professionals, from building a presence and engaging with your audience to publishing content. Social Media Etiquette is available as an e-book from Amazon that is free to download for Kindle users.

The "Non Traditional" Fiction Book

I published an erotica book under a pen name in 2014, mostly because I thought Fifty Shades of Grey was poorly written and I could write something better, (and I found a publisher who agreed with me.)

Writing erotica wasn't a life-long dream of mine--more of very eccentric bucket list kind of endeavor that now gives me something interesting to talk about at cocktail parties, (which is a good thing, since I suck at cocktail party conversations).

No, I’m not going to tell you my pen name, (which is actually quite boring) or show you the title and cover of the book, (which is also quite boring). Because if I did, things would probably get all awkward between us. I'm just mentioning it because (ironically) it was my most professional writing gig. (A professional editor from L.A.! Movie rights!)

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