January 28, 2023

Join Me for Screen-Free Week 2023!

by Jennifer Kane

Join Me for Screen-Free Week 2023!

Want to go on an adventure with me?

I recently landed an amazing new gig where I get to pitch…

  • Opportunities for uninterrupted play and creativity
  • Space for daydreaming and imagination
  • Precious moments of social connection
  • Lazy hours filled with deep rest and relaxation

It’s all part of global Screen-Free Week, a free annual event hosted by a very cool organization called, Fairplay.

Screen-Free Week is a chance for you, your family, your co-workers, or your community to turn down the noise in your lives and find some room to breathe, think, and sit in the driver’s seat of your own life.

I know, you might be thinking, “OMG, Jen. I can’t give up my screens for a WHOLE WEEK!!!”

Okay, first of all, breathe… we’re talking about entertainment screens here. Not your work laptop. Not a text from your BFF saying they’re in the hospital. Not any digital tool that currently serves your life and brings you joy.

We’re talking about the rest of the screens that may be distracting you or sucking up your free time, (and only YOU know which apps, devices, or tools those are).

Participate in this year’s Screen-Free Week however you like…

  •     Maybe your family goes a week without devices at the dinner table
  •     Maybe you have a roommate hide your gaming console for three days
  •     Maybe you go for a walk every morning instead of scrolling the latest headlines
  •     Maybe you give up ALL your entertainment screens and take the big plunge for the whole week.

However it looks for you, however long it lasts, there are no wrong choices when designing your week.

For me, it’ll likely involve banning Netflix binges and Buzzfeed quizzes. (I’m stocking up before May, so you’ll be comforted to know I recently learned that I’m more of a Wednesday Adams than an Enid. But I bet you could have guessed that.)

Need help to plan your week? I got you covered. (Literally, it’s my job to make that stuff for you.)

Visit the Screen-Free Week resource library to download all sort of free goodies, like…

  • Forms where you write down your pledge to participate (oh yeah…teenagers LOVE that.)
  • Fact sheets to help you sell this idea to your family
  • Ideas of activities you can do instead of being on your screen
  • Links to Screen-Free events being held across the world May 1-7. (This will be slowly growing over the coming months.  

Speaking of events, you can certainly plan a Screen-Free event for your church, school, company, etc. WE HAVE RESOURCES FOR THAT TOO. (Can you tell I’ve been spending lots of time updating resources?)

It’s all free. It’s super easy to do. There are no “rules.” What’s stopping you from giving this a try?

Basically, consider this post as a sign from the universe and take the pledge to join me May 1-7 for Screen-Free Week 2023!


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