I’m a digital wellness consultant, certified by the Digital Wellness Institute, as well as a coach, author, and speaker.

My work has evolved quite naturally from decades of experience in… well, digital and wellness.

The digital half was born along with the early days of the web, when I shifted my already decade-long marketing and communications career to focus primarily on the digital space.

For the next fifteen years, in addition to consulting non-profits, Higher Ed institutions, B2B, and B2C companies on their digital marketing and communications, I became a nationally sought after social media trainer, speaker, webinar facilitator, and podcast guest and authored the book, Social Media Etiquette: 100 Ways to Communicate With Grace and Class.

Basically, when it came to digital, by 2015 I was ALL IN.

Until the day came when I was not anymore.

While my digital life appeared to be awesome, privately it took an immense toll. I burnt out, dealt with threatening trolls, and developed a number of chronic health conditions, undergoing multiple spinal fusion surgeries. Over time, I slowly became a shadow of myself.

This period led to a second journey, one through the world of wellness. I trained in mediation, studied the science of wellness, and took countless webinars, seminars, and courses. The culmination of this period was my second book, Chronic Pain Recovery: A Practical Guide to Putting Your Life Back Together After Everything Has Fallen Apart.

Which brings us to today… and the timely merger of these two fields.

Today there are more people than ever in the same boat I was once in–overwhelmed by the pace of technological advancement, unable to maintain boundaries with the various devices and platforms in their lives, losing sight of the bigger picture while their days are increasingly filled with more noise and less peace.

I’ve made it my mission to help those people find a better path.

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