19 Oct Saying Goodbye to the MIMA Summit

Like a recent high school grad packing up to go to college, the process of putting to bed my fourth and final MIMA Summit has been one tinged with nostalgia, laughter and some sadness (but surprisingly, few regrets). From my first ...

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15 Apr The Miseducation of Jennifer Kane

This winter I decided to take a personal “J term” and study social media. As with any super-hot buzz topic, there were no shortage of resource materials, expert presentations and educational events for me to choose from in my quest, ...

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11 Mar PR Pros Need to Grasp SEO

Optimized “content.” CONTENT. It’s as much a part of a press release as the header or the dateline. And, that's my job, not the IT person's. If your press releases, pressroom, blog and web content isn't optimized for search engines, it’s almost as though you don’t exist. Even worse, when journalists search for facts or experts, they may just stumble upon your client’s biggest competitor.

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