December 2, 2022

2022 Digital Wellness Holiday Gift Guide

by Jennifer Kane

2022 Digital Wellness Holiday Gift Guide

Consider giving yourself or a loved one the gift of digital wellness this holiday season!

Below are ten gift ideas, (you can find even more by checking out last year’s gift guide.) If you’re looking for something more substantial, join my email list at the bottom of the page and I’ll keep you in the loop on my digital wellness programming offerings for 2023.

Note: these aren’t affiliate links. I am not being paid to promote any of these products. I just think they’re neat. Hope you do too. Happy holidays!

1. Better Buds

If you consume a lot of audio content, make sure your earbuds are up to the task. Need better quality? Try Sony’s LinkBuds ($128) small, light earbuds that allow you to hear calls, music, etc., while remaining naturally connected to what’s happening around you. Need a better fit? Try Earshots ($139) headphones with a magnetic earlock that keeps them in place during activity. Need better sleep? Try Kokoon Night Buds ($145) designed to help you get to sleep, (and stay asleep). All three were chosen by TIME Magazine as best inventions of the year.

2. Safer Search

Looking for an alternative to Google that’s not tracking your every online move and serving you a load of ads? Try, a free search engine that serves up summarized web results (rather than a list of links) in addition to supporting built-in apps. If you want a super secure experience, toggle to a “private mode” and search away!

3. Tech Time-Out

For parents (and adults parenting themselves!) who need help taking a technological time out, try The Kitchen Safe, a timed lock box for cell phones, game controllers, and other unwanted temptations. It comes in three sizes (medium is pictured here). It’s on Amazon for $69, but you can find the mini on the Kitchen Safe site for $59.

4. Unlimited Hugs

Need a little soothing at the end of the day? Consider a Hugimal. No it’s not a creepy robot with poor boundaries, but a weighted stuffed animal that give you the sensation of being hugged. It comes in four designs (bear, elephant, dog and sloth) and is $64. (Does this item qualify as a digital wellness? Probably not. But it’s my list and I think they’re cute–and good for overall wellness–so it makes the cut!)

5. Time to Focus

Finding it hard to take a break from your phone? Try Unpluq, a tag you insert into your phone that blocks distracting apps and boosts productivity. The tag itself, plus a six month subscription to the app that supports it, costs $29.95.

6. Twitter Alternatives

If you’re worried about all the changes over at Twitter, (and you probably should be… ethical considerations aside, a company going through that much change is bound to have problems protecting your data and staying functional) maybe it’s time to take your conversations elsewhere. This is a rapidly evolving space, but if you’re open to new adventures, explore one of these free tools: (I’m there…for now… @JenKane), Mastodon, or Hive Social.

7. Clean Screens

All screens get gross. If yours could use a good cleaning, consider this cute little kit from Woosh! that’s $15.29 on Amazon. It works for smartphones, e-readers, laptops and even eyeglasses and comes with a multiple cleaning cloths and cleaning spray in both a regular and to-go bottle.

8. A Good Night’s Sleep

The best thing you can do for your health in 2023 is to get your phone out of your bedroom (or, at the very least, off your nightstand.) If you need help, try this “sleeping bag for your phone” from Bagby for $12. (They also sell digital free alarm clocks!)

9. A Safer Internet

This is probably the least sexy gift ever, but it’s an invaluable one–the gift of a virtual private network (VPN) to block malware and malicious ads online, (while also providing access to encrypted password managers and cloud storage!) It’s a great gift for the young adults or senior citizens in your life. The Norton Secure VPM (NordVPN) is $2.50/month for the first year for one device or $3.34/month for five devices.

10. Offline Experiences

This year, give someone the priceless gift of your undivided time and attention at an experience of their choosing, (for example a concert, camping trip, dinner date, or art class.) Sure, bring your phone along for driving directions or to take a commemorate pic. But other than that, leave your followers and friends at home and save this special outing for a #latergram post. Trust me, the memories will last longer than the latest gadget.


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