Want to learn more about Digital Wellness?

Technology is an integral part of our lives today, (both at home and at work) so it’s no longer feasible to simply “turn it off” when it becomes problematic.

Instead, we need to chart a new path—one that helps us maximize technology’s benefits, while minimizing its (very real) harms, with the goal of achieving balanced, optimal, health and well-being, (also known as “digital wellness.”)

Digital Wellness is an emerging discipline, rooted in the study of psychology and technology, that addresses how tech usage and habits impact our physical and mental health, relationships, communication, safety, and societal cohesion.

If you represent a group who is looking learn more about Digital Wellness, I can collaborate with you to develop a curriculum for a class, workshop, or webinar to get the job done.

Teaching opportunities can be tailored to any size group or price range. However, due to my physical limitations, sessions are limited to one-hour classes, webinars, or half-day interactive workshops.

Contact me to discuss your education needs.

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