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Why learn more about digital wellness?

Our collapsing ability to pay attention is not primarily a failing on my part, or your part, or your kid's part. This is being done to us all. 


Technology is an integral part of our lives today, (both at home and at work) so we can't simply turn it off when it creates problems.

Instead, we need a new strategy—one that helps us maximize technology’s benefits, while minimizing its harms, with the goal of achieving balanced, optimal, health and well-being, (also known as digital wellness.)

This is a complex task, but it's a necessary one to tackle. If you don't have a goal in mind for your technology use, YOU'RE the one who'll get used. 


Percentage of people who check their digital device while in conversation with someone else. 

A snapshot of our reality today ...

Percentage of people who would rather go without shoes than their digital devices.


Percentage of people who feel like they're being negatively affected by tech companies.


Percentage of people who sleep with their phones at night.


Let's start a conversation about it.

If you represent a group who is looking to learn more about digital wellness, I can collaborate with you to develop a curriculum for a class, workshop, or webinar to get the job done. Here are some sample topics.

Digital Wellness 101

An overview of digital wellness, what it is, why it's important, and how to start finding more of it in your life. 

Digital Wellness 101 for Kids

Basic digital wellness strategies to teach your kids, (and model yourself!) to restore peace and sanity to your home.

Finding Focus and Flow

How to use technology tools to either enhance or reserve time and space for deep focused work or joy. 

Taming Digital Distraction

Practical strategies for fighting digital distractions at home and at work.

Want to learn more?

Download my Insider's Guide to Digital Wellness. 

I'd love to talk with you about your education needs.

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